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Salem Valley Farms Ice Cream Co.

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How our great ice cream is made

All our ice cream is handmade on premises just two tubs at a time. This is how we’ve done it since 1988, and will continue to do so. We use the best ingredients we can find for the flavors we offer, and all candies, nuts, and such are added by hand AFTER the ice cream comes out of the machine. What this means to you is lots of large chunks, not ground up tiny bits.

We don’t add artificial colors, so our mint chocolate chip is white, as is our pistachio. BUT, it’s REAL. And really good!

Some examples of our premium ingredients are we use Pure Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla extract, 100% pure coffee extract, special dark chocolate chips made to be able to be tasted in ice cream and not freeze like rocks. If a flavor calls for nuts we use lots of REAL nuts.

Our ice cream is made with a 16% ice cream mix, making it a premium, rich and very creamy product. The Low Fat ice cream utilizes a 5% mix, so while the other ingredients are the same as the full-fat flavors, it’s a huge savings on fat content for those looking for this option.

The Frozen Yogurt is 1% fat, again with the same top-notch ingredients and flavors.

Sorbet is a Dairy-Free option, sort of like a soft Italian ice, but with wonderful flavor.

Speaking of DAIRY-FREE, we have just created our first house-made batch of Soy Based ice cream for another Dairy Free/Vegan offering. We will rotate which flavor is available, and if volumes allows, will offer two at any given time.

We also have available a No Sugar Option that is not made in house. The flavors are Caramel Pecan, Moose Tracks, and Vanilla w/ Raspberry Swirl. Two of these should be available at any given time.

Our flavor list is not a guarantee of availability. Most flavors are usually available, but are subject to change and sometimes run out!

Salem Valley Farms Ice Cream        20 Darling Road        Salem, CT        860-859-2980