New Small Batch Flavors

Featured Flavor

Pictured above is New York Cheesecake, one of our most popular small batch flavors! It consists of a rich cheesecake base, small bite-sized cheesecake pieces, and a graham cracker swirl. If you’re craving more flavor with your cheesecake, we suggest you try our Blueberry Cheesecake and Strawberry Cheesecake as well. You will find New York Cheesecake on our flavor board throughout the Summer and into the Fall as it remains a favorite!

We also have our famous Muddy Hooves back as a small batch flavor. It is a vanilla based ice cream with a caramel swirl and small brownie bites! If it sounds familiar, it’s because Muddy Hooves used to be a signature flavor for several years but has since become a surprise seasonal flavor. We hope you enjoy!

New this season is our Root Beer ice cream, which consists of a creamy root beer flavored base. This new small batch tastes great in cups and cones, but is often paired with actual root beer for a twist on our root beer floats!