Flavor Profile: Key “Lyme” Pie

Featured Flavor

So what’s the story with Key “Lyme” Pie? Well, the flavor was born when we dabbled with some new ingredients. It initially launched in early 2019 in our small batch series. We came up with the crafty name….we couldn’t resist. Everyone went crazy for this flavor so it migrated into the “regular flavors” category.

This well-balanced, creamy, limey, sweet but not too sweet ice cream is laced with a delicious crunchy graham cracker variegate. It’s light on the palate but still packs a nice lime punch. Okay, you may have to run an extra mile on the treadmill on Monday, but isn’t it worth it? The only caveat with this flavor is that some of the ingredients are only offered seasonally so we are at the mercy of our suppliers. But, we should have it on the flavor board around mid-Summer and it will remain on the flavor board through early Fall. Enjoy!